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Individual Therapy

Meeting individually for therapy is a wonderful form of self-care and maintenance.  Working as a collaborative team, you and your therapist will define what problems keep you from living the life you want to live, come up with solutions and talk about the person you want to become.  The experience will likely include several vantage points – past, present and future.  Your therapist will meet you where you are and make every effort to understand your perspectives.  We want you to feel welcome and safe in our office and in your therapeutic Individual Therapy for all ages and stagesrelationship.

Perspectives has a team ready to assist individuals of all ages and stages.
We are often called on to help children with anxiety, grief and loss, sadness, or other difficult developmental hurdles. We are also well equipped to handle the many surprises that life transitions bring to adolescents and adults such as depression, ineffective coping, addiction, relationship difficulties, job stress, anxiety, and many other concerns. 

Couples Therapy

At Perspectives Therapy Services LLC we know the importance of having well-trained and highly skilled marriage therapists’ attend to the needs of struggling couples.  All couples deserve the best when it comes to saving or safeguarding their relationship; this includes working with a Licensed professional. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists specialize in the dynamics of relationships and are experts in strategies that are effective at producing long-term, systemic change. 

Often the first step in couple’s therapy is to define what the real problem is. You may disagree on simple matters such as your husband folding a towel in the bathroom. In this example, it is not the stubbornness attributed to your husband for the way he continues to fold the bathroom towels after repeatedly being told to do it a different way.  For instance, the problem could be that the wife feels unheard, unacknowledged, or unappreciated and the husband feels controlled and that his wife is mothering more than coupling.  This is a small example of what we mean when the first step is to discover the real problem. 

"Our experts are trained to listen and
observe couple interactions to assess precisely where the problem exists."

Our marriage therapists work with couples who desire to reconcile and strengthen their relationship and also those who need assistance dissolving their relationship in a healthy and respectful way for themselves and their children.

Infidelity is a specific problem many couples face and one that we are particularly well-suited to work with at Perspectives. Our marriage therapists are trained to guide couples through the aftermath of an affair. Discussions surrounding what to expect, how to rebuild trust and forgiveness are just a few topics that will be addressed throughout the therapy process. Recent literature describes the effects of infidelity parallel symptoms that follow a traumatic event. We work to both normalize the feelings you are experiencing as well as work to decrease their intensity and interference with daily life.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

The therapists at Perspectives believe that conducting family therapy is both an art and a science.  We work to understand the perspective of each family member (whether in the room or not) and move quickly toward long-lasting change.  Family therapy can involve any number of family member relationships including parent-child, sibling systems, remarried families, and multiple generations of members trying to break dysfunctional patterns. 

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