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Here is what some of our clients have to say about Perspectives Therapy Services

"My most memorable moment in therapy was when my husband said "I want to have therapy in our relationship forever." It was so funny since at first I had to drag him and barter with him to get him to come."

"I love coming to PTS because it is really relaxing there. It kind of makes you feel at home. My therapist and I are similar in many ways so she knows what I try to say. Coming here has really helped me. I would soooo recommend this place to someone!" – 13 yo female

"Sharon has provided insight to both my wife and me that has been invaluable to our individual and mutual recoveries. I trust her and her judgment."

"Melanie has been a very supportive person. She has given me strength and kindness whenever I need it. She is the best therapist I have had in years, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. She has been so easy to talk to and share things with no matter what I've been through or am going through. I feel a strong trust and friendship with her, which I don't find very easily. Thank you Melanie for all that you do and for just being you."

"My son loves Terry W. and he formed a very strong and important bond with her immediately. She helped him deal through a difficult time in his life and I greatly appreciate all she has done for him. She is a great asset to this practice and I am thankful to Dr. Rooney for placing my son with her."

"Rachael has helped me a ton in my divorce and with all the life changes that come with it. I would highly recommend Rachael to my family and friends."

"Before working with my therapist I saw lots of different therapists, my parents divorced when I was younger and had encouraged therapy. After going to countless therapists the only thing I could seem to get was someone to listen and affirm me. Once I started working with my therapist things changed drastically in my life, he gave me the knowledge and support to actually change things not simply talk about them. He provided me with ways to change the circumstances not just for the hour long session, but strategies that worked outside of a therapeutic bubble."

"I felt very comfortable and relaxed from the moment I walked through the front door. There was a welcoming note on the desk along with papers to fill out. I thought the note was a nice personal touch. When Dr. Rooney introduced herself to me I knew that I was in good hands." "I believe Bill is absolutely on target when he is dealing with helping one navigate to a healthy balance within. He is able to 'open' the doors to help one view options that they could not previously see. This allows the client to do do their own work in finding a healthier place, where they can grow in a way that is authentic on a "gut" level'. He is welcoming, empathetic at all times, and employs a wisdom that makes one know that he "gets" the human mind and admires and respects the humanity in us all."

"Sarah has been wonderful. She has been very helpful to us throughout our couples counseling sessions. Her ability to give us working examples, activities and reading material has been a great way for us to get to the point of happiness that we are comfortable with and have been working towards. We would highly recommend Sarah to others, whether single or a couple that need a great, accepting and super listener. We love Sarah Harrier "

"Ms. McKee is by far the best therapist I have ever had. She creates a safe, warm and light-hearted atmosphere. Our sessions are a highlight of my week. The PTS office has always been wonderful."

"My therapist is kind, helpful and listens to all aspects of a situation before applying her knowledge to a situation. I have had many counselors who seemed to talk around a situation and not come out and deal with it. I was both pleased and grateful that my therapist did not do this. She always seemed interested in the situation and ready to work."

"I felt very comfortable talking to Karen and discussing my situation. She helped me a lot with communication and thoughts about myself that I would have had trouble doing myself. I strongly appreciate it."

"Sharon is perfect for us! We just love her – she gives us the support we need. We listen to her. We want to repair our marriage. We want to stay together and she is giving us the tools to get there. She is a very important part of our week."

"Nicole has made me feel very comfortable. She is very easy to open up to. I don't feel judged. And more important, she allows me the time to figure out the solution to whatever is going on in the session. She helps to provide tools to better myself." – 15 yo female

"Our marriage was coming to an end. Our 'last resort' was marriage counseling which should have been our 'first resort'. With the help, support and guidance from Jenn, my husband and I are friends, lovers and husband & wife again. The best feeling ever. Not only have we attended couples therapy, but we each do individual as well, which has helped in so many areas of our life from family to friends to work. I thank God on a regular basis for PTS and Jenn. You guys ROCK!! "

"My therapist listens to me and offers suggestions on helping myself. She challenges me, and helps me face the hard things. She never takes sides and truly respects both my husband and I, and our unique perspectives we bring into the sessions."

"My experience of therapy in this instance has been extremely positive. I felt like you genuinely were interested in me and genuinely wanted to help me which encourage me to keep coming and believe that I could change and work through my problems."

"My son looks forward to visiting with Ms. Witherspoon every week. I very much appreciate the time and effort it appears Ms. Witherspoon puts in to helping my son. This is my son's third therapist, and I feel extremely confident that Ms. Witherspoon is a great fit for "J" and most capable of meeting his needs! "

"Ms. Bailey has an upbeat, positive attitude and makes me feel my opinions and outlook are valued. She remembers important experiences from my past and my family's past, which is conducive to working out problems."

"Dr. Rooney, I wanted to say thanks once again for all you've done to improve the lives of everyone in our family. Each of us is stronger and more complete after working with you over the past couple of years. As I told you, our past experiences with different types of therapy resulted in little positive impact - and in some cases, negative impact. I conclude that you are particularly gifted and I count myself among the lucky ones whose lives you have enriched. Thanks - A."

"Just wanted to say "Thank You" for all you do! You have a true talent, and I am so thankful to have you helping me."

"Very professional, comfortable, and helpful."

"I have always felt very comfortable with Sharon Rudy. I believe her knowledge and experience gives her enough background to deal with the variety of concerns I have including family, children, stress and anxiety management, and dealing with an ex-husband who has narcissistic tendencies. I have experienced her showing empathy, compassion and an understanding of my needs. Thanks so much Sharon!"

"Nicole is very nice and understanding." – 15 yo male

"It's only been a couple of months, but the skills that Erin has given my son have already helped a great deal!"

Kathleen Jager is a blessing in disguise. She is very good at listening and empathy. She is unbiased, and able to focus my thoughts in a more positive direction. Especially, on those occasions when I'm most frustrated and upset. When I moved to the Lansing area, I had lost a very great therapist I had been seeing for over 7 years. Kathleen helped me through the transition proving just as sensitive and helpful as my previous therapist ever was. She is also most efficient and is on top of challenges that may come up throughout my therapy."

"My most memorable moment was shortly after I found out I was pregnant. I was unsure of what to do, and wanted somebody to tell me what "the right thing" to do was. My therapist told me that she knew I would take time to consider the options and that eventually whatever I decided would be the right choice and I would know it. I went ahead with the pregnancy but still felt uneasy in many ways. A year and a half later I know for sure that I made the right decision. Life is good with my daughter and it's taught me a lot of valuable lessons and helped me to grow as well."

"My experiences with Mrs. Slep and PTS have all been wonderful. The building and offices are always clean and tidy and everyone I have encountered has been very friendly and attentive. As far as my personal therapy, I believe, with so much help from Melanie, that I have made great progress in my life and have been given numerous tools to achieve that."

"When I came to Perspectives I had little faith that it would be of any benefit to me because of my past therapy experiences. However, I immediately began to feel hopeful after my initial consultation with Karen.

"I came to Perspectives Therapy Services at a particularly low point in my life. I had experienced numerous losses in life and had begun abusing substances to mask the feelings that I was trying to avoid. When I first saw Dr. Rooney, I didn't need "therapy". It wouldn't work. Apparently the program that I was operating on was working oh so well. I was most impressed with how much she cared, right from the start. I remember talking to her, along with a couple other mental health professionals, to get a feel for what this would all entail. They all left the option up to me to pursue things. What struck me about Dr. Rooney was that after 2 days, she called me back. She was just checking in with me to let me know that she was concerned about me, that even if I didn't choose her or her practice, that she felt based on our conversation, I needed to talk to someone. Hmm, subtle caring or manipulation?? Today, I know the answer. Dr. Rooney cares, deeply. She's helped process a lot of stuff in my life. I am truly amazed at her level of patience. The expression "some quickly, some slowly" comes to mind and thank God she allowed things at my pace. I am truly thankful to Dr. Rooney and her staff that I have had the pleasure of dealing with for their caring, professional assistance. - R"

When Melanie and I began seeing one another I was able to develop a sense of trust in her deeper than I share with anyone else in my life. Because of this relationship, I have able to open up and start addressing my emotional issues. The progress I have made in the two years I have been in therapy is remarkable. I truley feel that I am who I am today because of the growth I have experienced while working with Melanie. Eternally Grateful, KC"

"My therapist listens to me and offers suggestions on helping myself. She challenges me, and helps me face the hard things. She never takes sides and truly respects both my husband and I, and our unique perspectives we bring into the sessions."

"Some background on me. I am a successful business person and was married for 27 years. Have 3 children and a new granddaughter. My youngest child is my adopted granddaughter, 7 years old. 2008 started off bad and got worse. I lost both my parents and got divorced. I told myself; I did not need any therapy or anyone to talk with, I could handle this by myself. My friends and colleagues knew different and told me to see someone, I fought against it, but they won. I called 3 different people, and luckily found Tianna. There were never any sudden "Ah ha" moments. Just many gradual changes, that as I look back on after a year, I see how much I have changed and better yet, learned. My favorite moment was when we talked about Christmas last fall, (Which has always been my favorite holiday). She told me that Christmas would be hard for me, and my comment was "Aren't you a ray of sunshine". Her comment back to me was " I am not here to give you false hopes or thoughts." Meeting with Tianna has helped me understand myself better and what my mind and body are going through. Looking back, I can see the many positive items she has helped me with, and to get through an awful period in my life. – J"

"Nicole has helped me a ton. Nicole is an amazing therapist and she has helped and continues to help me through life struggles. I would never trade Nicole for any other therapist." – 16 yo female


"The sessions are good. Melanie is so easy to talk to. She has been a major part of my recovery. Melanie challenges me to do hard things that help me recover. She listens to what I have to say and sees things from my point of view without criticizing or judging me."

"When I began therapy in 2008, I felt like I was at a very low point in my life. I felt very comfortable opening up in my therapy sessions. Homework was always very helpful in making progress and closely correlated with session work. As time went on, the focus of sessions changed as appropriate. Overall, I felt that therapy was very beneficial and has really helped me to grow tremendously. Also, I appreciated how my therapist made sure we were on track. If ever she suggested something that she thought we should work on, she'd double check to make sure I was on the same page and that I was comfortable with it."

"I feel like at Perspectives Therapy I'm being listened to. I feel like I can tell my therapist anything and I won't be judged. Whatever I say will be kept between me and her unless I say otherwise. Therapy is helping me a lot and I can't think of a better place to seek help. I've been able to say things to my therapist that I wouldn't tell anyone."

"I had been to therapists before and never really bought into the process. Having gone through my life with unresolved issues of grief and loss, I finally made the decision that I needed to heal myself. By going to Perspectives and working with my therapist, he helped me to change my life for the better. He helped me to understand what I went through and how I could work to correct it. I feel whole again and feel that I'm finally able to be who I'm meant to be…me! I am so thankful for feeling like I can actually handle whatever life throws at me. Thanks!"

"Jenn pushes me to be better without making me feel like a failure. She helps me realize I am not the only one with problems. I like how she listens intently."

"We started therapy for my 8 yr old daughter who was struggling with her emotions, temper and physically lasting out at me when things don't go her way. Nicole brought so many different view points to the table and has opened my husband and my eyes to the dynamics and communication of our family. We are learning better parenting techniques not only for our daughter in therapy but for our other children. Nicole has helped my daughter become aware of her behavior in a fun way. Her therapy sessions are an hour she looks forward to during the week. Thank you for what you have done and are doing for our family."

"Before my first appointment at Perspectives, I was petrified. I was a person who never wanted to seek therapy, and I had done everything I could to avoid the therapy "option". Now, I know that going to therapy is the greatest gift I have ever given myself. With Dr. Tianna Rooney's guidance, I found the strength, the courage, and self-respect to change myself and fully realize the life I wanted to live. When I think of how far I've come because of therapy, I feel so, so grateful and amazed. Thank you, Tianna."

"I found Erin to be very helpful to me. She lets me talk about whatever I need to and she gave me good advice to follow."

"May 5, 2009 First and foremost, I feel it is important to thank Dr. Tianna Rooney. Not only for being an invaluable asset to helping my wife and I (which I will get to in a moment), but for giving us the opportunity to write this testimonial. I can think of no better way to really express our deep appreciation and gratitude for her services. In all God's honesty, if it weren't for her, I don't know where our marriage would be right now, but I can say with the utmost certainty, it would not be in a good place.

I contacted Dr. Rooney some time ago in a complete state of fear, desperation, sadness and confusion. Almost overnight, it had seemed that my marriage to my wife had disintegrated to a point of no return, and I found myself in a virtual state of panic with nowhere to really turn. I had both heated and calm discussions with my wife over where we were going as a couple, and I had scheduled an appointment with a divorce attorney for a Thursday afternoon. I was emotionally crushed from the inside out and to the deepest part of my being at the thought of letting go of my wife and family, but saw few alternatives as issues that had haunted us since before we were married had only gotten worse.

In my internet search for a family law practice I had also come across some listings for family and marriage counseling in our area. In what was really a last attempt out of desperation to find a solution better than what I was facing, I called a few marriage counseling offices and left messages for someone (ANYONE) to call me back. It was later that same afternoon that Tianna called me directly on my cell.

Dr. Rooney listened intently to everything I told her I was feeling. I revealed that I was afraid both for the immediate and distant future regarding my marriage. She spoke with true empathy and honesty, which soothed me enough to find an inner strength that I needed to have in those moments. Coincidently, it is that same inner strength today that is growing that gives me hope for the future. From that phone call, we scheduled an appointment for my wife and I to meet with Tianna the next evening, a Thursday. I never did show up at the divorce attorney's office that day.

We've spent only five sessions with Dr. Rooney so far, but they have been phenomenal. That is no exaggeration. The level of comfort and ease with which my wife and I have been able to open up lines of communication with Dr. Rooney's help has been amazing. We are learning things from one another and about one another, some so very basic and simple and others that are incredibly deep and personal. It's embarrassing to admit that we couldn't find a way to communicate to one another without help. But it is an honor and a pleasure to say that we've begun to find ways of doing so with Dr. Rooney's insightful and meaningful help. It is almost seamless and at a level of understanding I can't explain in words, and it comes from the direct interaction and intervention of her talent and caring. Both Karen and I are grateful beyond words.

My wife and I have a long and probably hard road ahead of us. That is just the facts. But we both have a new confidence and Hope within ourselves and for one another. We are rebuilding our relationship from the ground-up, re-engineering and rethinking how we interact with one another and relate to one another, mindful of one another's needs, dreams, aspirations and wishes, as well as our shortcomings and faults that not so long ago nearly destroyed our relationship. In our first meeting with Dr. Rooney, I told her that I loved my wife deeply and truly. My wife validated me and asserted that she loved me as well, but just couldn't see any way that we could ever repair the damage that had been done in our relationship. That is no longer the case. We owe our hope and new beginning to Dr. Tianna Rooney. I personally will be forever grateful. With the Utmost Sincerity and Appreciation D. and K."



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