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Conflict Resolution

I think that one of the aspects I enjoy most about the profession of social work is that of conflict resolution. We, as human beings, waste so much time and energy feeling angry and resentful. I gently validate people’s feelings…

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Embracing the Rainbow

“I think I might be gay,” a close friend admitted to me as we sat at the kitchen table. How courageous was she, not knowing how I would react; I was honored to be trusted enough to share such a…

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Why Family Therapy….

There are also times when families experience extreme stressors or unexpected changes in the context of family development. Events that fracture family systems through trauma or loss, demand a greater level of adjustment, change and emotional strength. In times of…

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The Yoga Room at Perspectives

Yoga is an ancient practice, which originated thousands of years ago in India.  Yoga uses postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health.  The holistic focus of yoga encourages the integration of mind, body, and spirit….

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How do I Know if I Need a Therapist?

Everyone has trials in their lives and struggles from time to time. There’s a Buddhist teaching that pain is inevitable or unavoidable, but suffering is not. Suffering is optional, according to that philosophy. How can that be? And what’s the…