So first of all, ADHD effects people in a variety of ways, which results from the ADHD brain having fluctuating levels of stimulation (overstimulated – hyperactive; understimulated – bored and distracted), difficulty with executive function (prioritization and organization), and memory challenges. ADHD is not a disease, is generally a lifelong condition, and is the result of the combination of an individual’s genetics and experiences in their environment effecting brain development.  Perspectives Therapy Services offers ADHD behavorial counseling.  

So what can you do to address ADHD for yourself or a loved one?

The first step is to determine if you have the disorder. There are many adults living with ADHD who are unaware of the condition or who suspect they may have ADHD, but do not pursue treatment. I strongly encourage anyone who suspects that they or a loved one has ADHD to seek a screening from a trained mental health professional who can diagnose or rule out ADHD. The process of diagnosing ADHD can take time and is often challenging, so stay vigilant until you have an answer. ADHD can be difficult to diagnose and so specialized testing may be necessary. This testing is called Neuropsychological Testing or Psychometric Testing and must be conducted by a PhD Neuropsychologist. If you discover you have ADHD, this is good news as you now have an answer to challenges in life you may have previously presumed were simply character flaws.

Speaking of flaws, I think there is enough talk out there about the deficits associated with ADHD, but what about the strengths? You heard that right, ADHD folks often have qualities that outshine non-ADHD individuals. Here is a list of a few of them: creativity, problem solving, spacial memory, pattern recognition, empathy, experiential learning and working well under pressure. These are not universal, but frequently are observed amongst those with ADHD.

So I found out I have ADHD, what do I do?

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Strongly consider medications. Talk to your primary care physician or a psychiatrist, keep an open mind, and voice any concerns you have.

As a counselor, I (of course) think everyone would benefit from some counseling now and again, however for ADHD, counseling is a vital part of making life better and easier. Counseling for ADHD looks a lot like coaching, strategizing around the unique challenges each person with ADHD experiences.

Living with untreated ADHD, especially in our modern-day, distraction filled, and increasingly busy environment can be an exhausting experience. ADHD is treatable and treatment can go a long way to providing relief.

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