Animal Assisted Therapy can help ease the anxiety of starting and participating in counseling.  Science shows the positive effects it has on both the mind and the body. If you love animals, animal assisted therapy may be the right choice for you.

What is Animal Assisted Therapy?

Animal Assisted Therapy or Pet Therapy is a therapeutic intervention that incorporates animals into the counseling session and enhances the benefits of traditional therapy.

Who can benefit from Animal Assisted Therapy?

Both children and adults who are dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, depression, and behavioral issues can benefit from this therapeutic intervention.

What are the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy?

  • Immediate feeling of acceptance
  • Increased focus and attention
  • Increased trust and empathy
  • Improved willingness to be involved in a therapeutic session
  • Increase in production of endorphins that create a calming effect
  • Reduced blood pressure and depression
  • Reduced anxiety, grief, and isolation

Animals are accepting, non-threatening and non-judgmental, making it easier for people to open up and express their emotions.

Our Story – Debbie and Charley

One hot day in mid-June, Charley, the blonde beagle, stared out of a crate lying quietly waiting to be noticed.  He was waiting for his fur-ever family to take him home.  Charley had been with an older gentleman who needed to move to an assisted living facility and couldn’t take him along.  He was adopted to another family but was sent back. I feel in love with Charley and adopted him. We immediately began training to become a therapy dog team. Charley and I spent the next 8 months training weekly.  Charley gained a lot of weight learning to behave because he got a treat every time he did the proper things. Therapy dog boot camp was exhausting but Charley and I graduated from Mid-Michigan Therapy Dog, Inc.-Angels with Paws.  Together we work with clients in a therapeutic setting helping each person reach their potential.

Come meet us and let’s work together to meet your goals.

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