So many people suffer from chronic anxiety today that it has become one of the most common reasons people seek therapeutic counseling. If you are suffering from anxiety and decide to reach for help, Bravo! It takes a great deal of courage to realize you may need some different coping mechanisms. Finding a therapist that can assist you to process and examine your anxiety is one of the best choices a person can make. We at Perspectives Therapy Services are experienced professional therapists working in a relaxing and beautiful setting. We want to help you process life’s worries and fears by offering time tested interventions for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

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The five best interventions to manage Chronic Anxiety

1.  Talk therapy

2.  Guided muscle relaxation

3.  Reframing of intrusive thoughts

4.  Exercise

5.  Deep breathing

It is important to identify the source of anxiety at the beginning of treatment. Talking with a therapist while being listened to with compassion offer as immediate relief from anxious thoughts and feelings. So often anxiety is accompanied with depression that begins to lift as a person tells their story. Identifying and acknowledging your feelings in the presence of another is the first step toward freedom from anxiety.  Connect with us to if you want to explore anxious thoughts or feelings you may be experiencing.

The utilization of deep muscle relaxation is an intervention that can provide immediate relief because it allows tension to dissipate and can even improve sleep, which improves a person’s overall health.  Now there are apps that can be downloaded on a smart phone that can be used at home and often facilitates a better night’s rest.

Worry and fear are at the root of anxiety. By learning to accept and understand ones fearful and worried thoughts the process of change can begin. By paying attention to thoughts and feelings one can effectively identify negative ways of looking at the world. Once you learn to reframe thoughts and feelings stress, worry and fear are reduced.

Regular exercise is good for everyone because it relieves stress as it creates more of the dopamine hormone in our brain. Dopamine is a naturally occurring hormone in the brain that produces a euphoric feeling. Therefore, a therapist may often recommend that someone who is suffering from anxiety get some regular exercise.

Chronic anxiety often stifles a person’s ability to relax. Deep breathing fills the brain with Oxygen by opening blood vessels that become constricted during tense moments. There is nothing like a deep breath to calm one’s self and think clearer. Therapist’s often guide their clients through deep breathing exercises that move air through the deeper part of the lungs, which provides instant relief for stress and anxiety.

Be assured, these five techniques do not exhaust the list of ways to manage Chronic Anxiety, but they are a start. If you or someone you love is suffering from Chronic Anxiety help is available. There is hope!

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