Tianna 9

Hello, and Welcome!

My vision for Perspectives Therapy Services has always been to assemble a space and community where healing is not only possible, but likely. With just the right ingredients, positive change will happen. Over the past 17 years, I have become more aware of what these key factors are, and now intentionally incorporate them into the PTS model.

Our “community” is something that must be experienced to be truly understood. It is a combination of our physical space, caring providers, and a positive energy. Our team intentionally works to maintain a “feeling” of hope, peace, kindness, and gratitude through actions and gestures in all 5 of our clinic locations.

You will be greeted with kindness and gentle curiosity. We want to know your story and collaboratively create a path for a better life. From the very first phone call we have with you, we are beginning to learn who you are and how we can assist in your journey, specifically looking to partner you with just the right therapist for your unique circumstances. Moving forward, your relationship with your therapist will be built on trust and respect, inviting the courage it takes to be vulnerable, which ultimately leads to healing and change.

We are eagerly waiting to collaborate with you to improve your mental, emotional, and relationship health.

With warmest regards,
Tianna Rooney, PhD, LMFT
Operations Director