Pregnancy and Post-partum Mental and Emotional Health Care

About Us

Perspectives Therapy Services has a team of therapists that offer specialized care to expecting moms, new moms, and grieving moms.  Our compassionate therapists will welcome you into an inviting and safe space to talk about the complicated as well as the mundane that go along with this time in life. Common concerns we hear include high levels of worry, difficulty sleeping, increased and unexpected sadness, couple struggles, feelings of loss, thoughts of self-doubt, and feelings of resentment.  We are committed to improving and stabilizing a caregiver’s mental and emotional health as it is the foundation for the family unit.

Services Offered

Assessment for post-partum depression or anxiety is an important first step. Our treatment modalities are then uniquely matched to your symptoms and needs. We lean on a person-centered approach which focuses on the relationship between the client and the therapist as the building block for healing. Creating a trusting relationship and place is foundational to our work being effective and meaningful.

With your permission, we will collaborate with your OB/GYN or your Primary Care Provider to create the very best treatment team possible. Additionally, if medications might be helpful, our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner can join our team to meet your goals.

Services offered can include treatment for the following:

Adjustment difficulties or mental health concerns during pregnancy
Post-partum depression, anxiety and mood disorders
Difficulty bonding with baby
Grief surrounding infant loss or fertility struggles
Parents with history of trauma
Parents needing support with big life changes (ex: adoption, grief, loss, pregnancy loss, divorce, separations, moves etc.)

Meet the Therapists

These specialized therapists have completed a Master’s degree in social work, marriage and family therapy, or counseling as well as additional experience and training in variety of backgrounds including child development and perinatal mood disorders. The central principal and focus of all of our therapists is a passion for connecting with women in meaningful ways that bring about change.

Schedule An Appointment

To schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate professionals, please call us today at (810) 494-7180.

Typically, appointments can be scheduled within 48 hours of the first phone call. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.