I believe that one of the most difficult occupations in this life is parenting. I see many parents in my office who have parenting issues or concerns about their child or adolescent. After inquiring as to what brings them to therapy, I usually pose the question, “So, did you get the book on parenting?” They usually look at me quizzically for a few seconds, and then I add, “Neither did I and no one does!” I usually get smiles and sometimes a sigh of relief. Then I say, “parenting is hard; its probably the hardest job you will ever do.”

Find Support

In this age of Google, the good news is that parents have access to a wealth of information about parenting at their fingertips. The bad news is that parents have access to a wealth of information about parenting at their fingertips. Today’s parents are inundated with parenting information from numerous sources. All parents want to “do the right thing” to help their child learn and grow up to be a well-adjusted and independent adult. It can be overwhelming and highly stressful to sort out reliable and well-researched sources to answer questions parents have about their kids. Finding an experienced therapist who can assist parents in navigating reliable online resources as well as providing support and guidance regarding parenting issues and concerns, can allay that stress.

The Facts on Parenting

Parenting a child with special needs also has an impact on the family system. Parents often find themselves feeling isolated and alone due to the lack of information and resources to assist them in caring for and helping their child. Again, an experienced therapist who specializes in this area is also a valuable resource and support for parents.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart! Raising mentally strong kids who can handle todays challenges is no easy task. Parents who want their children to be able to find happiness, purpose and success, may have to go against some current popular philosophies and trends.

Parents who raise mentally strong kids don’t shield their kids from pain. Parents assist kids in coping with disappointment and pain by helping their kids “work through” being uncomfortable and hurt. This will lead to resiliency when they are faced with life’s challenges

Parents need to let children make mistakes. We all learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

Part of parenting is teaching kids to make “good choices. The purpose of discipline is helping kids to develop self- discipline and to be able to problem solve.

Finally, having kids engage in age-appropriate chores may create stress for parents when they must take on the roles of monitor and enforcer, however, chores teach responsibility. In the future, kids will have gained the skills to become contributing members in the workplace as well as in the community.

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