I soaked in wisdom until it was tattooed on my soul.

Throughout my life, the process of learning and unlearning has often been a difficult one. I have learned to see the beauty of this pain. I have learned to take my failures, unpack them, and absorb the lessons found inside. I have wrestled with them and, ultimately, found a space in my heart for them to reside. The result of this pain is beautiful and permanent artwork on my soul.

I cry

When life puts me to the test, I sometimes forget these lessons. I cry until the shame crusted on my skin feels too heavy to bear, my focus now on the mess that I have created. The tears wash away the shame. It is then that I realize more pain, familiar pain, pours into my being. I am mesmerized and controlled by my thoughts. I am overwhelmed. I am dizzy. Instead of admiring the museum of my soul, I’m paralyzed by the pain of my heart. My mind now stands as Commander in Chief, trying to make sense of the chaos that is occurring within me.

I pause. I think. I rest.

I leave the walls of my own head. I lean into the pain inside my heart and allow it to lead me to the graffiti found in my soul. Graffiti deemed art, but in other ways, countercultural. I’m still exhausted. I quiet the voices in my mind by tapping into the wisdom I have cultivated over the years. I shed the shame and hoard the lessons. I learn I am not broken. I go back to soaking in the wisdom that for years had been tattooed on my soul. The uneasiness subsides.

You reflect

As you reflect on this piece, I invite you to create your own poetic expression of where you are on your healing journey. This is an opportunity to allow the text to inspire you to write your story. The journaling process has the potential to be a valuable tool as we reflect on our experiences and plan our next steps. This does not have to be a dull or boring activity: you have permission to think outside of the box! As Brene Brown, famous social worker and author, has quoted, “to get our head to believe the same things our hearts believes, sometimes we have to use our hands.” There is power in creativity. Today, choose to celebrate your mental health progress using your artistic power!

Authentically yours,
Andrea Buckley, LLMSW
Therapist at Perspectives Therapy Services | Creator of Drea Inspires

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