Beth Kennedy, LMSW, Clinical Supervisor & Emma, CGC


Education & credentials

  • M.A. Social Work, Grand Valley State University
  • Fully Licensed Social Worker, State of Michigan

Emma, CGC

  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC), American Kennel Club
  • Emma is a yellow labrador retriever mixed with a golden retriever. She was born in December of 2013. Her training began at eight weeks of age. It was evident from her first training session that Emma was bound to succeed as a therapy dog. She quickly earned her Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) Award through the American Kennel Club.
  • Emma is a very sweet, loving, and affectionate dog. She loves all people and quickly engages with others. Her presence in the therapeutic environment encourages clients to emotionally exhale throughout their session. Emma will greet you with genuine love and enthusiasm at each appointment. Emma is exclusively handled by Beth Kennedy, LMSW


The therapeutic relation is a delicate dance built upon trust, communication, and a sound alliance. I strive to create a therapeutic environment that is emotionally safe, while exploring and digesting deep-seated issues. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Solution Focused approaches. As a therapist, my job is never to judge a client’s journey; but rather, explore his/her path and ensure his/her needs are being met.

Personal Statement

As a clinician, I am always humbled and honored that my clients grant me access into their world. This is a privilege I take seriously, and honor this responsibility with strict adherence to confidentiality. I continue to learn and grow as a therapist from my interactions with my clients. Through compassion, honesty, flexibility, and clear communication, change and growth is possible.

About me

What do you love doing more than anything in the world?
The thing I love doing most in the world is watching my kids play sports.  I love to watch them succeed and fail and figure out how to handle life’s ups and downs.  They are completely embarrassed by the way I cheer for them, but I can’t help it….I love watching them compete.

What is the self-care strategy you use most often?
My self care strategy isn’t very fancy…..I love Pringles…like a alot….like it’s a problem……When I am overwhelmed or stressed, I will watch a show on Netflix and eat some Pringles.  I don’t binge watch, just a show to settle myself and regain my center.

What was your dream job when you were in elementary school?
My dream job when I was in elementary school was to own a camp ground.  But not just any camp ground; I would build it on my parent’s property.  I had a pool growing up, and that was essential for any successful camp ground in my eyes.

What is your favorite movie of all time?
I don’t really watch movies.  I love “30 for 30” documentaries though.

Describe your ideal vacation? Has it happened yet?
My ideal vacation is renting an over-water bungalow in Bora Bora.  I am yet to achieve this life long dream, but I am still working towards it.  The 14 hour flight is a real deterrent for me as I am “that person” who gets sick on airplanes.  When we can apparate like Harry Potter, I will be in business.

What is the most delicious meal you can imagine?
The most delicious meal I can imagine is anything I don’t have to cook.  I love gourmet pizzas as well.

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