Holly Rhode, LPC


Education & credentials

  • M.A. Counseling, Oakland University
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Michigan


I offer understanding, respect, and a calm, reflective logic. You can expect a caring professional who believes in being with you (no stigma, no judgment, and no expectations on what should be). I’m eclectic in theory (we are all unique individuals, and I’m keen on tailoring my approach to meet your needs), offering a strengths-based approach, practical skill-building, and a cognitive focus when needed.

Personal Statement

Life can be challenging; hard things happen. At times, we don’t feel like ourselves, and change can be difficult. The journey of personal growth includes curiosity and openness as we reflect on who we are and what goals we want to prioritize. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, accept what is, and want to change all at the same time.

About me

What is the self-care strategy you use most often?
I enjoy walking outdoors.

Schedule & Appointments

If you're interested in scheduling a new client appointment with Holly Rhode, call 810-494-7180

If you are an existing client of Holly Rhode's and need to reach her directly, call her 248-213-6614