Imaani Ali, LMFT


Personal Statement

Imaani Ali is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Michigan who has been practicing since 2016. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Minor in Arabic Language and Culture from Loyola University and a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University. Imaani believes in a collaborative, systemic, and goal-oriented form of therapy. She strives to hear and understand her clients, observe aloud, and validate their thoughts and feelings, and discuss coping skills and strategies to build their understanding of themselves and their resiliency in navigating change. In her spare time, Imaani enjoys writing, spending time with family, video-editing, Henna tattooing, and cooking.

Schedule & Appointments

If you're interested in scheduling a new client appointment with Imaani Ali, call 810-494-7180