Lindsey Rackov-Ramsay, LCSW


Personal Statement

Lindsey Rackov is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Michigan who has been practicing since 2015. She has a Master of Social Work: Social Work from Wayne State University and a Bachelor of Social Work: Social Work from Eastern Michigan University. Lindsey is a cognitive behavioral therapist who practices from a trauma informed, empathetic perspective. Autonomy and empathy are the most important things to her practice because she is partnering with those she works with. Her clients are experts in their lives, and her goal is to provide personalized holistic care for everyone she works with. Life is complicated, and there are many factors that influence mental health. Lindsey’s hope is to help people find their strengths, resources, and resiliency to live fulfilling lives. She will partner with clients to find out what their goals are, and what a meaningful life looks like to them. From there, Lindsey creates individualized treatment plans utilizing innovative, proven interventions to help people achieve their goals. She provides motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, skills training, family therapy, and trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, individual therapy. Lindsey loves to incorporate art, movement, music, and mindfulness into her practice. Her goal is to find ways for her clients to express their feelings, manage their stressors, and live fulfilling lives. Lindsey’s clinical background is very diverse, having worked with children as young as three, to adults in their eighties. She works well with trauma including: medical, sexual, complex, domestic violence, trans generational, and life transition trauma. Trauma can impact our development, careers, parenting, social interactions, physical health, and intimate partnerships. Lindsey also has extensive experience with people diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness, as well as their loved ones. Ultimately, she is very trauma focused, with an understanding that there are several different types of trauma. Trauma can happen to anyone; and it can really impair our functioning. It is important to have a safe and structured setting to process the impacts that trauma has on the lives of the people who experience it, and their families. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her family. She loves to go on adventures with them, and she’s always on the lookout for unique places in the community. They love museums, art installations, and historical sites. Music plays a central role in her family, and she frequently attends concerts. At home, someone is likely to catch her singing off key to her dogs and cats. She is always on the lookout for new or new-to-her bands. Lindsey is very passionate about continuing her professional education. Books, trainings, and videos are sources she uses to improve her practice. She sees how quickly our knowledge about the intersection of medical and mental health is changing. Her goal is to keep up with new research, and learn as much as she can to improve her practice.

Schedule & Appointments

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