Tracy Turpin-Mogelnicki, LMSW


Education & credentials

  • M.A. Social Work, Michigan State University
  • B.A. Psychology, Michigan State University
  • Fully Licensed Social Worker, State of Michigan
  • Member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW)


There’s nothing more important to the therapeutic process than establishing a strong relationship between counselor and client.  Through a collaborative effort, I strive to create a warm, non-judgmental space where clients of any and all backgrounds feel comfortable to tell their stories, and I provide supportive acceptance in a positive environment. Through the therapeutic process I use a variety of modalities, which allow for gentle directive and reflective approaches designed to empower clients, leading to the promotion of growth and healing.

Personal Statement

For some people, coming to counseling can be scary, and for others, they just can’t wait to get talking.  Everyone has a different story, with a different background, and a different perspective on life, with a different set of rules they live by.  Not everyone was dealt the same hand for sure, and life can be much harder for some than others. Maybe the stress of daily living has become too difficult, or you can’t forgive yourself for something in your past.  Perhaps you had a painful childhood, and you still haven’t healed. These are just a few examples of why people come to therapy. Whatever the circumstances, I’m dedicated to helping clients enhance their inner strengths, improve their autonomy, and move in a more positive direction toward health and wellbeing.  It’s always been an honor to do this kind of work, and I look forward to helping each client establish their desired goals, and take steps in creating a more complete and happy life.

Schedule & Appointments

If you're interested in scheduling a new client appointment with Tracy Turpin-Mogelnicki, call 810-494-7180

If you are an existing client of Tracy Turpin-Mogelnicki's and need to reach her directly, call her 517-234-3105