Therapy May be Helpful – But I Don’t Want to be Judged

So you have decided that therapy may be appropriate for you.  Now what?  At this point barriers become abundant.  It feels as though there are more reasons to avoid seeing a therapist than there are to go.  One of the more common reasons I hear, as often presented in a first session:

“I don’t want to tell a stranger all of these things, they will judge me.” 

Why would a stranger not judge another when hearing personal details of their life?  Essentially, the same reason a mechanic does not judge a car if a spark-plug is misfiring.  A primary care physician would not judge you for having a hernia.  Problems, idiosyncrasies, dysregulation, fear, etc. do not tell a therapist who you are.  The act of speaking with a stranger to seek help says a lot more about someone than the content of the conversation.  And this is what excites us – primarily because it means we can help.  Quick traders secret:  

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We love helping. 

So I have stated what we are not doing – let me detail what it is that we are doing.  We are generally looking for the most pressing concerns and how they impact your day-to-day life.  We want to measure these issues and find what improvement might look like.  We will be interested in what you would like to gain from therapy.  Motivation, strengths of a person, and support system are other aspects we will want to know.  This is often accompanied by a plan which we feel we could be effective in accomplishing your goals.   Once we know more about you and what you are hoping to accomplish, we can pair that information with “tools” to help you reach those goals.

As therapists, we are highly motivated to help everyone we meet with.  This includes recognizing when a different clinician may be a better match and have a skillset that more appropriately suits a client we’ve met with.  We understand the struggle often experienced just simply walking through the door, but certainly do appreciate the opportunity to help and make you feel more comfortable.

You can view our therapists, their specialties and learn about them here.  If one on one doesn’t feel like the best fit, we do offer Group Therapy options as well.

Perspectives Therapy Services is a multi-site mental and relationship health practice with clinic locations in Brighton, Lansing, Highland, Fenton and New Hudson, Michigan. Our clinical teams include experienced, compassionate and creative therapists with backgrounds in psychology, marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, and social work. Our practice prides itself on providing extraordinary care. We offer a customized matching process to prospective clients whereby an intake specialist carefully assesses which of our providers would be the very best fit for the incoming client. We treat a wide range of concerns that impact a person's mental health including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief, low self-worth, life transitions, and childhood and adolescent difficulties.