It’s “Way-To-Go Wednesday”, your weekly reminder that small steps toward wellness are still steps! Improving your overall health does not have to be complicated. And, as we find ourselves in the beginning of 2022, I am inclined to encourage us all to keep it simple. With that in mind, I would like to offer you the practice of grace. Yes! An act of grace can begin your wellness journey. Let it begin today!

MIND- We can be our biggest critics. We can be so hard and so judgmental about ourselves. Sometimes we won’t allow ourselves to focus on any of the good that we’ve done, for we are enacting our own punishment for the mistakes we’ve made. Stop. Forgive yourself, and move forward. Embrace the lessons you’ve learned from your errors. Give yourself some GRACE, and know that you are worthy of the same compassion and kindness that you’ve extended to others. You are awesome, not in spite of what you’ve done, but just because you are!

BODY- Your body does a lot for you. Of course, we could all use some physical fine-tuning, but think about everything that your body is doing every second of the day. Your body is a well-crafted, elegant machine, divinely made with specifications that are unique to only you. Your body is amazing! So maybe you didn’t lose all the weight you wanted last year, or maybe your hair isn’t as full or un-gray as it once was. Maybe you can’t run a 5k anymore. But your body is still present and showing up for you in other ways. Allow your body a little GRACE for the things that it can do now! If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t meditate for 30 minutes, do 5 minutes. If you can’t workout for an hour, do 30 minutes. Start with what your body can do, and eventually you will be able to do a little more.

SPIRIT- Grace is for all- even those that you feel are undeserving or have wronged you. Grace is more than just an act of forgiveness and care, but it is a reminder that we are human. And, in that humanness, we are imperfect. Imperfections are not a call for persecution, just as errors are not a demand for chastisement, but rather a soft whisper of, “I am doing my best and I may need some help.” As you move about these first 31 days of 2022, allow your fellow human a little GRACE. Because, just like you, their lives are unfolding; however, they may not quite be in-sync with the rhythm. A little grace while they catch the beat can lift their spirit…and yours. Operate with grace today.

Even if you didn’t take a small wellness step yet, you can do so right now! You always have the power to make a different choice. And, if nothing else, you made it halfway through the week. Way-to-Go, you!

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