It’s “Way-To-Go Wednesday”! Your weekly reminder that small steps toward wellness are still steps!  Here are 3 tips for you to incorporate into your daily routine to help you take those steps. You have the power to create change- simply make the choice to do so. Let it begin today!

MIND- Thoughts are like a balance beam. Negative thoughts shake; positive thoughts steady. How many times have you thought yourself sick? It is almost automatic to think about all of the things that are wrong and worrisome. Let’s combat the negative and find something else to think about. Let’s focus on the fabulous! Something in your life is good! Maybe it’s your health, maybe your career, or your kids. Maybe you made it to work on time today or the sun is shining or the rain has watered your lawn. Whatever it is, whatever is good, give it the energy of your thoughts. Remember, you are where you focus.

BODY- Water, water, water! With all of the wonderful beverages available for our pleasure, the most important is plain H2O. No, it doesn’t taste like a hot, strong cup of coffee or a flavor-powered soda or freshly squeezed juice, but water is exactly what our wonderfully complex bodies need. It is simply a hydrator and a filter. When your body is properly hydrated, it can provide you with optimal performance. We could all use some optimal body performance, right?! So, as you go about your day, grab an extra glass of water…or two. Your body will thank you later.

SPIRIT- The word for your spirit today is love! Not just the romantic love between you and your partner or the momma/papa bear love for your kiddos. I’m speaking about that “we are all human” love- the love that connects, relates, and resonates with and through us all. Love on someone today…just because we all need it. We all desire it. And we do not need a reason to love or be loved. Love is not about knowing everything about a person; it’s about knowing every person needs love! Love is not an investigation, but rather a clearance to be worthy of it just as you are. Spread some love today.


Even if you didn’t take a small wellness step yet, you can do so right now! You always have the power to make a different choice. And, if nothing else, you made it halfway through the week. Way-To-Go, you!


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