Yoga is an ancient practice, which originated thousands of years ago in India.  Yoga uses postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health.  The holistic focus of yoga encourages the integration of mind, body, and spirit. The Yoga Room at Perspectives has sessions that are typically conducted in one-on-one or small group settings and can be a fantastic adjunct to therapy.  Yoga techniques range from simple to advanced, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  Find out more about our classes here.

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Relaxation and mindfulness are the focus of yoga when it is combined with yoga poses. Every yoga practice incorporates some elements of focusing on the breath to invigorate or relax us. The ability to become aware of and regulate the breath is key in terms of lowering stress and anchoring oneself in the moment–both of which are needed to feel happier.

Although you could just do the breathing exercises without the yoga, pairing the two together is a guaranteed happiness-booster.  Yoga can enhance your physical well-being.  When practiced with therapeutic intention it can help prevent and aid recovery from various mental ailments.  As an addition to therapy is the use of yoga techniques to create, stimulate and maintain an optimum state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  Yoga combines concentration on mind, body and breath to help patients feel better mentally, relieve symptoms and address health conditions.

If you have never tried yoga here is something you can try:

  • Sit or lay in any comfortable position bringing attention to the natural breath moving in and out through your nose.
  • Next, bring attention to the triangular area around the tip of your nose and upper lip, paying attention to your breath hitting this space as you exhale, the temperature of your breath, and which nostril you’re breathing through.
  • Try this for two minutes, working up to five or more.
  • Finally, be still and try to focus just on the breath.  No moving, no reacting, just stay present.

I truly believe that merging movement with breath allows us to connect and ground ourselves on a deeper level.  Yoga forces me to stop and do the things I know will help make me happier.   Sometimes I find it hard to do when I’m away from my mat.  In a safe, uplifting and non-judgmental space yoga allows us the ability to breath and move, getting us out of our minds and into our hearts.  Yoga uncovers the balance, strength, self-love and sense of peace that lies within each one of us. I have heard that the land of peace lies within and after discovering yoga and its benefits, I truly believe this to be true.


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